The following designs/symbols may be added to any of our standard offerings to create your own custom-designed paraphernalia -- such as bags, caps, shirts, jerseys, jackets, etc. (Not all designs available for caps.)  Large symbols generally add $35.00 to the cost of garments when not included, while small symbols generally add $15.00 to the cost of the item when not included in the design or price. Not all small symbols are available for caps as small emblems; some are only available as oversized cap designs.

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2022: All non-standard/custom designs are now considered to be ++ special designs, whether marked or not. For ++marked designs, add a minimum of $5.00 for small emblems and $15.00 for large emblems. For designs which indicate an extra cost, add that cost to the prices previously mentioned. Please contact us if you are not sure which designs are considered to be standard vs. custom/special.

Some designs may now be printed patches, which means that the image is printed on twill material, which will then be sewn to the garment.

Please note that these symbols, along with all of our other designs and pictures on this website, are COPYRIGHTED designs and may NOT be copied, scanned, nor reproduced without the permission of University Apparel, Inc. 

General Elk Designs | State Designs
Drop-in Designs | IBPOEW Designs

General Elk emblems
These designs are available as small or large designs (unless otherwise noted). Many may be reversed in color, may be made in different colors, or  may be used on other backgrounds. Many designs may now be printed twill emblems.

Elks Brush Script, 
Elks Script II, Elk Tooth, EL-(profile elk)-KS

Elk Heads

Elk Head #1, Elk Head #2 (front facing),
Elk Head #4 (profile)

Elk Head #5 (small only), Elk Head #8 (outline)*,
Elk Head #8 with clock
*shown with Lodge/Temple name at an additional cost

Elk w/ Crossed Arms, Elk #111811, Buck & Doe #2

Doe Head #1,
Doe Head #2 (front facing)

Principle Circle, ELK jewel (please specify), PER jewel, PER letters

small only

Officer jewels

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Full body Elks

Elk Body #1:  
small only
Elk O'Clock:   
small only
Elk Body #2:

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State-Design emblems
Semi-custom State designs available. Put the Elk or Doe within your state outline

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Split Circle Design++
Circle with Lodge or Temple name & number, and location.
Available as a small or large design.

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IBPOEW-specific emblems

Elks/IBPOEW Brush Script,

Standard IBPOEW symbol (small only), Elk Fez, Apron patch
, Elk Eyes (small only)

ELK Circle Drop-in++
Circle with ELKS and Lodge/Temple Name or Affiliation, plus small symbol
Note: Large has outline letters, small has solid letters

Elk Evolution, Doe Evolution, Hands holding IBPOEW++(large only)

Elk Holding World, Doe Holding World, Elk Badge++

Elk & Doe Holding World* (with words ++)

Past Grand Exalted RulerPast Grand Exalted Ruler Council
PGER, PGER Circle++, PDR

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CUSTOM EMBLEMS are also available. Minimum orders and/or set-up charges may apply. Contact us for details.

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