CUSTOM Jerseys

NOTE: Prices for House names include up to 3 words. Additional words available at $5.00 per word. Embroidered word patches available for $2.00/word additional.

 Each jersey is made-to-order. Allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for production and/or shipment. For full-back or custom designs, allow a minimum of 5-7 weeks for production and/or shipment.

-- Our pro-style, full button jerseys are available in solid, pinstriped, and mesh in the following colors:

SOLID colors: white, black, red, royal, navy, purple & gold
PINSTRIPED colors (+$5.00): white w/ black, red, navy, royal, or purple stripes

front left: small standard symbol
PRICE: $44.99 (S-XL) $49.99 (3XL) $54.99 (3XL) $59.99 (4XL)

front left: small special symbol
PRICE: $49.99 (S-XL) $54.99 (2XL) $59.99 (3XL) $64.99 (4XL)

DESIGN A = 4" ELKS*  & small symbol
PRICE: $60.99 (S-XL) $65.99 (2XL) $70.99 (3XL) $75.99 (4XL)
*available across or vertically on the left. Also available for PGDR/PGER, etc.

DESIGN B = 3" IBPOEW & small symbol
PRICE: $62.99 (L-XL) $67.99 (2XL) $72.99 (3XL) $77.99 (4XL)
add Lodge or Temple name on sleeve for $5.00

DESIGN B-2 = LODGE name across chest, LODGE NUMBER (singled) below, & small symbol
PRICE: $79.99 (L-XL) $84.99 (2XL) $89.99 (3XL) $94.99 (4XL)
* up to 10 letters maximum

front: small symbol 
back: large symbol with Lodge (Temple) name and number
PRICE: $99.99 (M-XL) $104.99 (2XL) $109.99 (3XL) $114.99 (4XL)

front: small symbol
back: Improved Benevolent & Protective Order ELKS of the World & large emblem
PRICE: $139.99 (L-XL) $144.99 (2XL) $149.99 (3XL) $154.99 (4XL)
add IBPOEW to the front for $18.00

DESIGN E: LODGE Baseball Jersey (YOUR Lodge or Temple)
DESIGN FRONT: small standard symbol
DESIGN BACK: LODGE name, number, location & large symbol
PRICE: $109.99 (M-XL) $114.99 (2XL) $119.99 (3XL) $124.99 (4XL)

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